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Livin' Free - 7/3/2005

Livin' Free - 7/3/2005

I. Greetings

II. General House Keeping
A. will now be adding "production notes" with each podcast
i. I suppose checking tj_mcpodcast easiest for getting them

III. Yesterday
A. Live 8
i. train going down=packed=I had to stand
ii. too many people at event
iii. left after Destiny’s Child as a result of too many people
a. Black Eyed Peas, Bon Jovi, and Destiny’s Child only did a few songs each
iv. had a good corndog and hot dog on way out; fries were bad - not completely cooked?
B. historical sites
i. Constitution Center & Independence Visitor Center (next door to Independence Hall & Liberty Bell)
a. wanted to see what 4th of July events were happening
b. Independence Visitor Center has a bunch of stuff going on - witnessed personally them reading names of U.S. soldiers dead from Iraq and a pair of boots set up for each out on the lawn
c. Constitution Center - nothing that I could tell but has a Lincoln/Civil War thing going on this summer (started June 10)
ii. wanted to see more, but I had too much walking for today and had a headache
iii. luckily went to Market East train station and wound up with a seat
a. train even more packed than going down there
b. train also 20 minutes late
c. took about 15-20 minutes longer than usual (45 minutes as opposed to 25-30 minutes)
C. podcasting
i. over the last couple of days I’ve tried to get a handle on podcasting
a. had a thirst for it before NECC - more about NECC later
ii. I’ve had a few problems with the code and the feed and iTunes not liking the feed
a. it worked on other things like iPodder
iii. I tinkered around with the settings of the feed
a. website that provides my feed writes code for me and thus
changed code when I changed the settings (score!)
iv. you can now subscribe to my podcast using iToons 4.9
a. other “players” out there, but it seems like many people have iTunes right now

IV. Last Week
A. annual National Educational Computing Conference, or NECC, in
at PA Convention Center in Philly
i. from Sunday-Thursday
a. I was there Tuesday-Thursday
ii. went to numerous sessions about technology
a. multimedia projects, adolescent readers that’re behind, websites that’re accessable to handicapped, handhelds in the curriculum, technology for diverse learners, 10 palm apps. (actually deatiled 11), assistive tech. in instructional tech., technology in the classroom, differentiated instruction, technology in a diverse learning environment, video editting, podcasting, how to make students better at powerpoints
iii. lots o’ free stuff in main ballroom & tons of tech. vendors
a. actually three ballrooms, but walls opened up to make a big one
b. this room his ginourmous when opened up like it was
c. wide variety of vendors too
iv. ran into four coworkers at this thing
B. technically not “last week” in the sense of the Sunday-Saturday week, but Grossman’s surprise party is within the last 7 days of writing of these production notes, so...
i. “Big Lebowski” theme
ii. showed up dressed as Walter
a. even had a Folgers coffee can with “ashes” in it - labeled it with “Donny” though
b. even had the yellow tinted glasses, vest, and boots
-only the birthday boy noticed the boots (score!)
iii. I bowled well for me
a. I bowled about my average, but it was 2 most consistant games ever for me
-no strike followed by three gutter balls and then something like a 3
b. rolled very few gutter balls at all
iv. lots o’ fun

V. Sign Off
A. contact info.
i. AIM: hansdawg
a. emphasize spelling of hansdawg
ii. tj_mcnasty livejournal
a. tj_mcnasty
B. see ya
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